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You may have decided on a college already, are waiting to hear back, or are still searching for colleges to apply to – that’s okay! If you are still searching, utilize Naviance. In addition to being a search tool, this resource enables you to view recent college acceptance histories of Stevenson graduates. 

If you are planning to take or retake the ACT or SAT, you may register by way of or See Stevenson’s website for test dates. 

Review college application requirements by going to a college’s website. If teacher recommendations are required, contact recommenders now (personally) in order to provide them with ample time.


When to Send Transcripts to Colleges?

We encourage seniors to wait until after Labor Day to send transcripts. This allows all summer school courses and schedule changes to be listed accurately. Since your senior schedule is printed on your transcript, if you send your transcript to a college, and then make a change, you will need to notify all schools. All colleges must treat students equally in admissions, through Oct. 15.

When applying to colleges, there will be three ways you could send your transcript initially. The process is outlined below:

  • Common App – If you are applying to a school using the Common App, your counselor will upload your transcript into the portal. For initial transcript requests, you will not need to utilize Parchment. When sending your final transcript after graduation, you will need to initiate your request through Parchment.
  • Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) – Many schools have moved toward students self-reporting their transcript. This allows for faster processing time during the application period. If you are self-reporting a transcript, you will not need to use Parchment initially. Just like Common App, in order to send your final transcript, after graduation, to the college you are enrolling, you will need to utilize Parchment.
  • Parchment – Parchment is an online transcript delivery service. If you are not applying to a college via Common App, or self-reporting your transcript by the college’s request, you will need to place an order in Parchment. Students should go to and create an account. Below you will find a PDF and video that will walk you through the process of creating and requesting your “credentials” (transcripts). Students should use a non@students.d125 email account, since this login can be used for many years. Creating a Parchment Account (PDF)

Note: Stevenson alumni can request their transcript from parchment

Sending your Transcripts to College Guide